Monday, August 21, 2006

Goingo Crazy

So I have court on Tuesday. I have made arrangement to possible get my hair cut Monday.

Either court will go really well for me, or it will go horrible wrong. Somehow I don't see much middle ground. Though there is always the possibility that I am being overly dramatic, and overthinking things again.

I have a new job. Not the exact set up I want, but it is work. I will be work in a set of 3 sister clinics. OB/GYN, Peds, and Womens Health Center. The pay is fantastic, the hours are not garunteed, and there are no benefits. Why in the world did you take this job you ask?? A great question, the potential is definately there. There is another nurse that is leaving as soon as she gets a job, so I will have first shot at her position. They are offering me tons of work at a really great rate. Benefits are not cheap, but affordable. It is a temporary solution to a big problem.

What is the big problem you ask?? One of Don's biggest arguments is that I am expecting too much by refusing to take a night shift job, thus forcing myself to hand over the girls to him several days a week for child care. That divorce is difficult on everyone and it is (I love this word) unreasonable for me to expect to maintain my level of lifestyle without making any modifications or adjustments.

I found this and realized I forgot to post it, so here goes (just a few days late).

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