Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Court Decision

Well, I've emailed my family with the nitty-gritty details so I won't bore you again with them here. But court did happen today. I got a call at 0700 from my daycare provider to ask me a question, and my mom told me after I got off the phone she thought it was the court telling me my case had been cancelled for today. I told her that wasn't even funny.

We showed up 45 minutes early (no 10 car pile up on the freeway like everyone predicted). Mom forgot she had a small pair of scissors in her purse, and Dad had a small pocket knife in his . . . . yep pocket. So the guard sent Dad back to the car with everything. Then we went up to wait outside the courtroom. So we talked about an interview I hear on NPR regarding schools and the real reason teachers are complaining. What other objects are banned, the new ban of all liquids on airplanes (which I hadn't heard about), then we talked about how to make bombs, and smuggle alcohol into a dry county in the bible belt. Actually the last 3 topics were Dad and I, with Mom trying to shush us so we get thrown out or arrested for plotting bad stuff. I was geting nervous becaue my lawyer said to meet 20 minutes before court, but didn't show up until 10 minuted before. Crazy.

The other crazy part was the judge left the room to go into the 'other courtroom and deal with somehting there'. So my lawyer went to the potty. the judge came back and my lawyer was still gone. It looked like the case before us was going to end much more quickly then the first one, and I leaned over to Mom and asked her if I should just tell the judge my lawyer was in the potty and look helpless. But luckily my lawyer came in before it was our turn. Crazy!!

There was a lot of stuff up in the air, and now we have answers/guidelines for most of it. So that helps me to be able to move forward, and make some plans.

I think in the end Dahlia and Bobbie definately won. Neither Don nor I got everyting we wanted. But the girls get to see Daddy, as long as he arranges for supervision. I get the peace of mind knowing that the girls have someone to turn to if Daddy isn't okay during their visit. Hopefully this will gently force Don to see his doctors, and stay on his meds. Time will tell!!

It is so quiet here with out the girls. I miss them, but it is nice to be able to open the fridge door without worrying about squishing someone in it if it swings shut on it's own (Bobbie isn't big enough to hold the door open and check out the shelves at the same time).

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