Monday, September 04, 2006

Silly Me

Arrrrgh!! I don't remember how I posted all the pictures to one post last time. I remember I did it from Picasa, but there is a trick to it and I can't remember the trick.

Bummer. I guess I will have to post a couple of really short blogs, because there are 2-3 pictures I want to share. Or do it the old fashion, but more labor intesive way, until I remember what I forgot to remember. hahahahaha I'm not too crazy, I hope.

Bobbie's response to Mommy telling her chalk is not for eating, it's really for drawing with.

Dahlia finds her own entertainment, but needs a little help with the finale.

Dad (Grandpa Jones) is reminding Dahlia to avoid the cow poopy, last time we were down there.

Dahlia's driving the tractor with Grandpa, but she's still not to sure about it.

The last two picture are from when Mom and Dad took the girls after my courtdate and then I went down for the weekend, and to get the girls back also.

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