Saturday, October 07, 2006


Hello Everyone,

I am blogging from my new smaller (much less expensive) modem. I traded in my fancy modem, digital phone box, and cable box yesterday. So my bill is now 1/2 what it was. I came home last night and popped in a DVD for the girls. After the 8th one my DVD player finally found one it would read. I just about cried, because I had just gotten rid of the cable with all the kids shows. So I think I will be adding a DVD/VCR combo to my christmas list (since I don't have a spouse to buy me a big christmas gift I will just have to buy it for myself). So far the list is either a DVD/VCR combo, or a Printer for my laptop. Will have to see which it is.

Don was suppose to come by and get the girls. I want to drive over and wring his neck. He called 10 minutes late and said it was sprinkling so he couldn't come. He said it is suppose to quit raining this afternoon and would I be home for him to come then. He had previously stated he was going to come get his stuff, and the girls. So I am guessing that the rain is stopping him from getting his stuff more then it is stopping him from getting the girls. He never actually said anything about picking up the girls when he called. ARGH!! I told him he would have to call and see, because I had errands to run.

So instead we are having craft day. I had all the stuff for reward posters. Not the old western kind, but the reward for good behavior kind. I think that is what we will do today. MAybe if Dahlia and Bobbie help make their posters it will make it more personal for them. Honesly I figure they will last 1 month max before the girls destroy them, but still I could be surprised. I am thinking I will outline spots for several stars, and then put the girl's names on the top, with some ribbon down the sides. When they behave and earn stars the can put them in the outlined spots, and be able to know how many more they need to get their reward. I figured I could make one for Mommy too, and see if that helps me to behave a little.

I will post pictures when we get done.

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edandconniejones said...

The craft posters turned out really cute. A fun idea, Bethany.