Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy 24th to you

To those of you not from Utah. The 24th of July is a HUGE holiday here. It is the date of the founding of the state of Utah.

Dahlia and Bobbie enjoyed their first ever parade. The loud noises from the muscle cars was a bit much for them. The fire trucks were a big hit!! We got lots of candy (yeah for them, ugh for me). We were sitting right at the end of the route on the corner so everyone was unloading the last of their candy real quick. There were tons of people we knew, and people home visiting for the weekend. Was like a big town reunion.

Dahlia and Bobbie were going to ride the Fire Engine with Dad, but they were crying and when I went up to trade Dad places the firemen told me to hop on, and not worry about not having a ticket. Once the truck got moving Dahlia calmed down, and Bobbie kept looking around, like what are we doing up this high??.

Then Dad stood in line for Navajo Tacos while Mom and I took the girls around to the kiddie booths. They fished for plastic duckies, Dahlia played Spin the Wheel, and the both got a star painted on their cheek. By the time we got back to where Dad and Mom (she left part way through to help Dad with the food) where waiting in line for food they had just reached the front of the line. Navajo Taco's are very popular at the fair and the 24th celebration. A couple of years ago they sold out, and Mom still hasn't quit talking about it. We sat in the shade and ate.

After that the only thing left to do was get a sno-cone and walk back to the cars. Grape Sno-cones are not exactly haute couture but is tasted fabulous on a hot summer afternoon. Between Mom, Dahlia and myself we ate it in the 4 blocks back to the car. Dad got double-stroller pushing duty.

All in all it was a great way to spend 4 hours.

Ran into Shawna from school. She asked about my missing the 10 year reunion yesterday. I told her about the Martina Tickets, and she laughed saying she would have done the same thing (Attended the Martina Concern and drove down the next day). She said about 20 people showed up, and they voted to skip the 15 year, and just do a 20 year reunion. I told her I was sure I could make that one. I guess I can come back to see how everyone has done 20 years out from high school.


edandconniejones said...

We had a good time at the parade and park afterwards. Thanks for coming down and making our 24th even more fun, Bethany! The Grandkids LOVED picking up the parade candy the people threw out to them. Hopefully we got some good pics of it all happening! Love you, Mom & Dad

Bethany said...

Of course, Bobbie had just as much fun picking up candy, and picking up rocks, and other debris. Dahlia is deep into her MINE phase, as most 2 1/2 year olds are, so she was in heaven!! I was very proud that she stepped back a few times and let Bobbie pick up the candy instead of pushing her out of the way. I know it seems like they fight a lot, but Dahlia is pretty protective of Bobbie.