Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yeah for Internet at home!!

Hello All,

The cable guy just left and now I finally have internet at home again. YEAH!! No more going to the little internet/computer room at the rental office and trying to keep the girls from going crazy while I check my messages, and use the internet.

Dahlia wants to type now.
gcdxzwaqhh u yededvbtt5ertoojhvfvhf

Soon I will figure out how to add pictures and then we will be all spiffy looking.

Goodby for now


edandconniejones said...

We are glad you have the Internet at home now, too. Lots of good stuff going on in the family emails! LOL! Have a nice day, sweetie! Love ya, Mom & Dad

Edward Jones said...

Hey Beth,

I just learned that you have a blog. Cool! I'm adding you to my bookmarks.



Anonymous said...

Whoa, Edward! Cool Pic!~ I just have a problem attaching the blogs to the bookmarks! Hmmmm. Matthew or Valerie had to do it for me when thye were here. glad someone in the family understands these things - I only use them!