Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Fangled Inventions

Well, I suppose I better join the world before it passes me by. Seems I am one of the minority that isn't blogging, or pod-casting. Since pod-casting sounds complex, I better give blogging a try.

The girls are full of energy. What do you expect for a 13 month old, and a 2 1/2 year old??

I am soo excited. Mom and Dad came up 2 days ago and helped me get the apartment set up a little more. Pictures on the wall. Clock on the wall. Bookcases secured so my little monkeys won't pull them over when they climb (note the when, not if). The livingroom, and dining room are looking great. The kitchen still needs some love, mostly the counters. The bathroom needs to be de junked, again!! The girls room has way too many toys. The girls are spoiled!! My room is the junk room at this time, but that will change over the next few weeks. I am getting tired of tripping over stuff I am not sure I even need.

I am down in Monroe to buy Sister Barney's car. She is selling it for a reasonable amount. The previous owners are the Wingets (Corrinne and Glade). So I'm pretty sure it has been treated well.

It's a little scary. Soon I'll be a single mother of 2 girls. Never really thought my life would turn out this way. But it is for the best. I feel better and more calm/peaceful as time goes on. Well some days I have moments where I panic and think what in the world am I doing, what had I gotten myself into. But they are getting fewer and farther inbetween.

My family has been absolutely wonderful. Very supportive!!

Oops, gotta run. The little ones are planning a revolt if I don't feed then now.

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Val said...

I'm glad you've started this - now we can see what's going on!