Sunday, August 13, 2006

WOW!! Look at my clean apartment.

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The living room, all cleaned up. The girls love to play in here now. So much fun to put the pillows on the floor and watch movies/cartoons.

The girls room. You might even be able to see the girls sleeping. Dad painted the cute purple toy chest in the middle of the room.

The bathroom. Not much to say about it.

See Mom, I do make my bed sometimes. Dad and I have an ambitious plan to rearrange the bookcases, bed, and computer desk to help open up the room. Will post more pics then.

Hopefully this picture doesn't come out sideways. This is the hallway, finally more then one person can walk down it. Now I don't trip over the girls when the stop dead in the middle.

Mom and Dad gave me tons of help and encouragement!! It wouldn't have happened nearly this fast with out them.


Edward Jones said...

Hey Beth,

Your place looks great! I wish my apartment was that clean. Maybe I need to get the parents out my way . . .



Don- the ex said...
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